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Top 6 Things to do on Ladakh Trip

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The topography of Ladakh, defined by snow-laden mountain peaks, gigantic glaciers and cold deserts is distinct. Even the rivers and lakes in the region are breathtakingly beautiful. If that doesn’t inspire you to pay a visit here, what will? If you haven’t ever been to Ladakh, you sure have missed out on some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. What else have you missed out on? A host of activities like Road Trip to Leh Ladakh, adventure etc. that you can engage in while you are in Ladakh! Wish to know what activities we are talking about? Here is the list. Just read on-

  • The first and most important thing to do in Ladakh is to look for locals engaged in their traditional dance Chhams. On occasions like Hemis festival or Ladakh festival, these dance performances may be witnessed. Llamas perform chhams in a dynamic way, and to witness them perform it wearing masks and vibrantly coloured clothes is a rewarding experience in itself.
  • Your trip to Ladakh remains incomplete until and unless you spot a snow leopard here. The reason why we are attaching so much of importance to a snow leopard is because this species of canines is only available in a handful of places across the globe. If you are in Ladakh, you will be able to steal a glance of this beautiful animal in the Hemis National Park, on the snow leopard trek. This park, which is a haven for around 200 snow leopards, is a popular tourist attraction in Ladakh.
  • Witnessing the sand dunes of Hunder is in itself a great sightseeing experience. If, however, you are in this terrain, taking a ride on the Bactrian Camels, that are double humped, would sure be an amazing thing to do.
  • You can have here some of the best tasting cheese varieties. These varieties of cheese are prepared from pure yak milk. And that is why they taste unique, and of course, delicious. If you love momos, you should definitely try out the uniquely tasty yak cheese momos found here.
  • Monasteries are places of peace and serenity. If you are in Ladakh, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pay a visit at one of these. Attending an early morning prayer in one of the monasteries here will leave you touched from within.
  • Another interesting activity that visitors in Ladakh like to engage in is having Maggi at Maggi point. This cafeteria may be regarded one of the highest in the world and gorging on Maggi seated here witnessing the tall Himalayan mountains is a feeling simply out-of-this-world.

These are only a few things; there are numerous more that you can engage in while in Ladakh. With so many things to do here starting from sightseeing to eating delicious food, you simply can’t say ‘no’ to a Ladakh trip. Can you?

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 7:22 am
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