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Top 5 Loneliest Places On Earth To Visit

People who love to spend time in a long distance silence place where no one is around should must be thanking us as we here bring for them the list of Top 5 Loneliest Places On Earth. Our list contains the top 5 loneliest destinations from all around the globe.

Are you really adventurous? Then you must visit one of these place because there you won’t even see a single person besides you. Live the life with full of adventure by visiting one of these place alone or with your friends who are adventurous like you. But avoid to take your family along with you, because that might be risky for you and them as well.

Top 5 Loneliest Places On Earth To Visit

Top 5 Loneliest Places On Earth To Visit:

1  Iceland  Europe
French Guiana
5 The Western Sahara Desert  Morocco
1. Iceland

With the name of the place you can imagine how cool it’s going to be about. This low populated country is the most coldest and the loneliest place on the earth where you hardly see someone around you. Interestingly, this is one of the most dangerous place to live because of its highly volatile volcanoes. And apart from it, the Iceland is surrounded by many glacial rivers which are flowing downwards to the sea.

Icelnad WhoIsTravelling

However, you can visit the Iceland if you want to experience an extra ordinary adventure in your life. But just make sure you go there with complete guidance and safety because your visit to the Iceland might become risky for you.

2. Antarctica

Antarctica is very well known continent around the globe as this is one of the most coldest and driest place on the earth that you can visit. With lots of snow on the continent, it is also known as an Ice Desert. This continent is fully covered with snow and as a result it has become the most loneliest place on the earth.

Antarctica Continent WhoisTravelling

Well if you are planning to visit there then that might be a risky a idea because mainly the researchers and scientist visit this place. This could be really risky for you, so we would suggest you to visit this place under the guidance of the professionals.

3. French Guiana

The most interesting fact about French Guiana is that only 3 people are staying per square kilometer. The amazing weather of this country has given shelter to many birds and animals throughout the years.

French Guiana France - WhoisTravelling

This can be the most lovely place for you to visit with your friends or family. So what are you waiting for? Just plan your trip for this amazing and terrifying place.

4. Greenland

Only 60,000 people are living in Greenland which has an area of approx 8,00,000 square miles. So you can imagine how lonely this place could be.

Greenland - WhoisTravelling

We believe this is one of the ideal place to get lost. So let’s pack your bags and plan a trip to Greenland with your dear ones.

5. The Western Sahara Desert

So far, we have seen the coldest places but at last but not the least on our list we have ‘The Western Sahara Desert’ which is one of the harshest places on earth. The burning temperature has made it one of the loneliest places on the earth and quietest also.

The Western Sahara Desert - WhoisTravelling

So if you are really seeking for some hot temp places with no one surround you then this is the perfect match for you.

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