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Top 5 Haunted Places In The World To Visit Before You Die

Since our childhood we have been hearing many scary ghost stories and those stories still existing somewhere in our mind. However, with our daily life busy schedules we have been forgotten almost everything about those ghost stories. But here we bring to you the list of Top 5 Haunted Places in the world which might scare you or which might remind you of those scary stories again.

Top 5 Haunted Places In The World To Visit Before You Die

List of Top 5 Haunted Places in the World:

1  Highgate Cemetery, North London  England
2  Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan India
3  Changi Beach Singapore
4  Monte Cristo, New South Wales Australia
5  Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls  Ontario
1. Highgate Cemetery, North London – England

Highgate Cemetery is so scary that you can’t even imagine. It’s like watching a horror flick in the theater with no one around you. It is a well known place of burial in north and it has become the top most haunted place in the world which you can visit.

This is one of the finest place for those who are seeking for haunted or scary places to visit. As there are 1.7 Lac people (approx) buried in around 53,000 graves which itself makes a paranormal disaster. Now the place is having Headless Statues, Creepy unmanaged grass pavements and the dangerous pathways with lots of typical hooting of owls and crows.

Highgate Cemetery, North London - England Highgate Cemetery, North London Highgate Cemetery, North London - England WhoisTravelling.com

Apart from the above, you’ll see the tameless architecture, beautiful immaculate ambiance and the shivery silence which might scare you while roaming out there. So if you are a ghost lover or if you wanna get scared then we would suggest you to must visit Highgate Cemetery before you die.

2. Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan, India

India is the place which is known for its historic things and Bhangarh Fort is one of them. This fort is located on the way to Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan (India) and it is well known for the paranormal activities. If you don’t believe in ghost stories then you must be laughing but let us inform you, this place is officially declared as the haunted place and Archaeological Survey of India or the ASI has restricted the locals and tourists from entering the fort after 6 in the evening.

The history of this fort is really creaky. It is said that there was a black magic shaman who accursed the residents of the palace that they all will die a unnatural death and their spirits will exist in the palace for centuries to haunt the fort forever. So this is still happening as locals and tourists have experienced many paranormal scary activities inside the fort.

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan India Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan India - WhoisTravelling.com

So if you want to get scared or you want to experience some of the paranormal activities then you must visit Bhangarh Fort before you die.

3. Changi Beach – Singapore

Singapore is an beautiful Island city-state of Southern Malaysia but it also has few scary things in the beauty and Changi Beach is one of them. Changi beach is on 3rd of our list as we have heard many scary things about this beach.

It is believed that the most of the Chinese soldiers killed by the Japanese soldiers during the second World War. We don’t have specific numbers but it is said that thousands of Chinese soldiers were tortured and brutally killed by the Japanese as they were captured by the Japanese of getting into anti-Japanese activities.

There were many of the innocent Chinese who were killed by Japanese and this beach witnessed all that brutal scenes. Now after so many years, locals and tourists all around the globe had experienced strange screams and weeping on the beach. This is not just enough, as some of the people have also found headless bodies at night on the beach.

Changi Beach - Singapore Changi Beach - Singapore - WhoisTravelling.com

So if you wanna experience some erotic horror sounds then you must visit Changi Beach specially in the evening hours.

4. Monte Cristo, New South Wales – Australia

Monte Cristo is located in New South Wales, Australia and it is being known as the most haunted place of Australia. This place and the story about this place is quite similar to horror movies like ‘The Conjuring‘ as it is said that the owner of this Monte Cristo, Mrs. Crawley locked herself up after the death of her husband and never came out in 23 years of her life not even for once. She died in there after spending so many years inside the manison but her spirit never left that place.

And now locals and tourists who visited the premises had experienced screams and weeping of a woman. And apart from this people get suffocated during their visit to the premises as if some spirit is trying to hold them.

Monte Cristo, New South Wales - Australia

So this might be the place for you to visit if you really want to experience or feel the spirit but don’t forget visiting this place at night might become dangerous for you.

5. Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls – Ontario

This horrifying tunnel is located in beneath the railway track that connects Niagara falls to Toronto and New York. This Screaming Tunnel comes at number 5 on our list and it is said to be the most horror place for human beings who are not able to deal with the scary things.

The history of the place itself has some horrifying thing as it is said that about a century ago there was a farm house located just near to the southwest entrance of tunnel. Unfortunately, one night the farm house burned because of some unexpected fire and a young girl inside the farm house also caught fire. She was screaming for help and running all around wild while her body was burning and at last she ran through the tunnel if in case she could get some help but she burnt completely and died there.

Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls - Ontario

So from that day whosoever visit the tunnel and tries to light a match in the tunnel the spirit of the girl comes out with screaming and haunt the person till he or she dies. Do you wanna get scared and want to feel scary spirit? Then you must visit this tunnel and light a match inside it, so that you can feel something really horrible.

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