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Qatar Airways – Rated the best Airline with respect to service and quality

Internet has connected the whole world with making it a  globally connected village but  social media has tremedously brought it further close.

People are not bothered of the distances, they  always feel connected and informed.  The various social media platforms have made life much easier as it helps you get your voice reached to the  masses.

The online support system helps tremendously but with addition of twitter support 24/7 in Qatar Airways is amazingly good. The dedicated 24/7 bilingual service, Qatar Airways’ passengers will now be provided with more customized online support service.


The bilingual service is of great help and provides with more customized service. It helps to connect with people better globally.

Engagement with the airline is widely available in key markets in multiple languages – including English, Arabic, Chinese and Russian and more – via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Plus, Tumblr and many more. With the use of various languages it becomes easy to communicate and inform.

Qatar is amazingly great in its service and currently operates 200 aircraft to more than 150 key business and leisure destinations across six continents. The Qatar airlines is doing a wonderful job.

It has great customer support, social media support system which works really efficiently.

 Social media and its various channels help inform the people of various information and also help them keep updated about the important information to be delivered.

Hats off to the working of this airlines which is further widening its horizons.  It has been rated best for its the highest positive sentiment, especially for its in-flight service, products, special offers and promotions.

Great work Qatar! Keep flying high !

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