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How To Plan A Road Trip With Google Maps

In today’s generation we all love to go on a road trip specially when it comes to exploring the rough and tough locations all around in the world. But going on a road trip is not an easy task as you might lost somewhere on the roads or you might loose your destination by going in the wrong directions. To avoid such kind of circumstances, we have our buddy Google Maps which is an smartphone app that can help you out during a road trip. But you all need to do is just follow our steps in order to know how to plan a road trip with Google Maps.

Before going for a road trip you must need to plan out the things like; look for the locations to visit, determine the total distance, determine the driving hours, search for all the places to visit in that location, look for the hospitality near by, etc. So these are the things that you must plan out before proceeding further and this all can be done by using Google Maps.

How To Plan A Road Trip With Google Map

How To Plan A Road Trip With Google Maps:

Once you have searched for the locations, distance, average timing, nearby places in the Google Map then you must proceed further with the following steps in order to get the maximum out of it.

1. Login To Your Google Drive

Google has become the most powerful internet giant by providing the services that you can’t even imagine to get somewhere else on internet. And Google Drive is one of the service that Google has recently introduced. With this you can save all your docs, maps, images & videos online. So here you can use it to save your Maps, all you need to do is click on the ‘New‘ button on the upper left and then select More and at last Google My Maps.

Login To Google Drive WhoisTravelling

2.Google My Maps or Create a New Map

After clicking on Google My Maps, you’ll now see the main My Maps interface. And there you’ll see the things like – Map control panel, different layers, search bars, map tools, google navigation, zoom etc. For instance you can have a look at the below image.

Create a New Map - WhoisTravelling

By default you’ll see a Untitled Map name in the control panel, click on it and enter your map name along with the description, then click on Save button.

3. Enter Your Home Location and Ending Point

After giving name and description to your map, it’s time to enter your home location which will be your starting point or location. You can do this by typing your address in the search bar. When you’ll hit the enter then you can notice a pin will drop on the map in your location. Same you need to for adding the ending point.

Enter Your Home Location - WhoisTravelling

With the tools on the control panel, you can change the color and the icon of the pin on the map. After doing so just click on the pin and when the dialog box opens click Add To Map.

4. Now Add Your Destinations

To add the destinations on the map, you need to use the same process which you used for adding home location. You need to again search for the destinations in the search bar and then add it to map and moreover you can change the colors and icon of the pin – just like you did for home location.

Add Your Destinations - WhoisTravelling

You can add multiple destination in between the starting and ending point of your road trip so that you can get the better route navigation through Google Maps.

5. Plan A Route Now

You have added all your destinations along with the starting and ending point of your trip. Take a look in the map and see where the pins are pointed in the directions. Now what you all need to do is click on the first direction which would be named as and then the dialog box will appear on your screen from where you can click on the directions icon.

Plan A Route Now - WhoisTravelling

After clicking a new layer will appear in the control panel that hold driving directions. You can enter the location from where you want to begin to reach your first destination. And if in case you see a yellow pop up saying “Couldn’t Find a Route” then you have to manually adjust the position of your marker.

You can make the adjustments in the selected route anytime you want. This is the best feature in Google Maps app, so in case you got stuck somewhere and want to make an adjustment then you can simply do that.

6. Turn By Turn Navigation

After the completion of creating a map, you’ll see the smoothness in your trip as you can turn on the road navigation on your smartphone by using Google Maps. This will give you a better understanding of the traffic and roads, and more importantly it will show you the correct turn by turn direction throughout your trip form the beginning till the end point.

Turn By Turn Navigation - WhoisTravelling

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Now you have a good knowledge of Google Maps to start your road trip. We wish you a good luck for the same and hope you’ll enjoy your trip throughout.

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Updated: October 5, 2017 — 7:19 am
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