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Get soaked in divinity at Vrindavan- a holy land

Astounding elegance, peace, serenity all composed together is what any religious place depicts. In any of these places,  you draw peace and complete tranqility. The intoxication of the place with amazing positive vibes calls you for more. You get so engrossed in the devotion that you get lost in the ambience and enviornment.

Vrindavan is one such place which is complete in itself with many temples for the devotees to visit and equally amazing places to stay and live in the blissful atmosphere.

The various shrines over here make it even better place to stay and be in the lap of God.

Banke Bihari Mandir

It is one of the most important temples of Lord Krishna.  Among the seven temples of Thakur in Vrindavan including, Sri Radhavallabh ji, Shri Govind Dev ji and four others, Shri Banke Bihari Mandir is one of them.

banke bihari mandir

Only during Janmashtami (the birth of Lord Krishna), the Mangala-aarti is held in the temple. Akshaya Tritiya is the only day when one can see the Deity’s lotus feet. The Deity can be seen wearing a special crown and carrying a flute only on the full moon day in autumn.

It is blissful to be there and get abundant joy.

Prem mandir

Astounding in elegance, this temple came into form  by Jagadguru shri Kripaluji Maharaja’s consent.  In this temple various scenes from Krishna’s life, like raising the Govardhan Mountain, have been depicted in the temple. The lighting of the temple further glorifies its spectacular look, especially during the night. The colored water twist and twirl to the tunes of the kirtans of Radha Krishna being played nearby are an audio-visual delight.

prem mandir

Iskcon temple

The most popular temple in vrindavan core objective is to increase awareness about the Vedic scriptures and the Bhagavad Gita. the presiding deity of the temple, however, is Lord Krishna-Balaram.Vrindavan is a holy place for devotees of Krishna as he spent his childhood here.

iskcon temple vrindavan

Gokulnanda Temple

An ancient shrine in Vrindavan, the Gokulnanda Temple houses multiple deities of Radha-Vinoda of Lokanatha Goswami, Vijaya Govinda of Baladeva Vidyabhusana and Radha Gokulananda of Vishwanath Cakravarti.

With  a number of other temples, this place is amazingly holy and pious. This place holds great culture and gives an insight of the life of Lord krishna.

Radha Gokulananda temple

This place also has good, neat comfortable hotels or inns for the devotees to stay and enjoy each blissful momen in the land which is beautifully  made and equally pious.


Updated: October 5, 2017 — 7:29 am
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