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Experience a Serene Travel to South India!

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When you think about South India, you start picturing greenery, freshness and beautiful culture. While the north of India offers some exquisite places to visit, the south of India also doesn’t lag behind. Filled with nature, wildlife, water bodies, hill stations, delicious food, heritage, religion and colours, South India is one of the most loved tourist spots ever! Places like Hampi, Kodaikanal, Munnar and Ooty are seeing a large number of foreign traveler as well as locals every month.

Listing down a few gems of South India that you cannot miss:

  • Coorg – This is one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka as you get the best coffee here. With several national parks, temples and trekking trails, the central attractions are Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls. They are gorgeous to look at and sit by to experience a whole new level of calmness.
  • Ooty – Yet another popular destination that is famous for sunsets, tea plantations, waterfalls and lakes. If you want to experience a pleasant weather, you need to visit the hill station during October till June. You will enjoy the fresh air, greenery, and overall, it is a therapeutic experience. Trust us; you will not want to leave the place at all.
  • Idukki – A mesmerizing hill station in the South of India is situated in Kerala. You will not only see various birds here but get to see excellent panoramic viewpoints. The Idukki dam is a must visit spot, and you need to have the local food in the place. This is a great weekend getaway as road is the only way to get here which makes for a fun road trip too.
  • Kodaikanal – Unpopulated, scenic and extraordinary, Kodaikanal is one of a kind. The pleasant weather and freshness in the destination make it an excellent place to spend some quality time with your thoughts. If you are fed up with your day to day life stress, you should visit Kodaikanal often to unwind and enjoy some filter coffee.
  • Munnar – An oldie but goodie! Everyone who has been to Munnar once absolutely adores it. This small town is located in Kerala and has a lot to offer. You will be stunned to see the tea plantations, lush greens all around you and the unbelievable gorgeousness of this town. It is good for trekking, relaxing, a romantic getaway and a solo travel spot. We assure you that you will feel calm, composed and fresh when staying in Munnar.
  • Hampi – Packed with heritage from the past, Hampi is made for history buffs. You can find carved temples, forts, glory of India’s past and so much more. The town is well-maintained and has fascinating landscapes as well as brilliant architecture from the olden days. If you are a photographer, you need to visit Hampi once!

We know our list does not justify the immense beauty South India has to offer, but these are towns you cannot afford to miss at all. South India is the perfect destination for everyone who loves tranquil and alluring locations.

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