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Top 5 places to Visit at Switzerland

Switzerland is a state found in central Europe with a mountainous landscape. The country hosts a number of lakes and also the popular mountains Alps. Switzerland is mostly known to have top rated resorts and great trails for hiking. Among the countries that border Switzerland is Germany, Italy, Austria, and France. Switzerland beautiful capital city is known as Bern. Are you ready for your next vacation? Have you decided on where to visit in Switzerland? Below are great revelations about best places to visit in Switzerland that will help you answer the questions above.

Best places to visit in Switzerland

What are the top 5 best places to visit in Switzerland?

1.    Matterhorn

Matterhorn is actually one of best places you can explore while in Switzerland. It’s ranked among the highest mountains with a sharp peak bordering Italy. The peak has a height of 4,487M with most travelers dying to have an attempt to climb to the top. On the bottom of this marvellous mountain peak is the gorgeous Zermatt village. Zermatt is one of the highly rated international resort made of hotels and probably the most luxurious classy restaurant. You can trace the resort using carriages drawn by horses among other means allowed. Motorised machines are prohibited in order to keep the village fresh and hence reserve its ambience.

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2.    Interlaken

Interlaken is a great resort for your next summer holiday. It is well developed with beautiful gardens, world-class cafes, and hotels.  Therefore, the facilities are well fixed to meet the needs of every visitor in place to satisfaction. The resort is perfectly located in the middle of the town with incredible towers of Jungfrau and Eiger above it. Once in Switzerland, there’s no room for worries on how to get there. The resort has a generous supply when it comes to the means of getting there. Among them are the ski lifts, mountain railways, cable cars, and chairlifts.

3.    Lucerne

Lucerne is a lakeside city located near the mountains of Panorama. While at this gorgeous city, you will have the opportunity to explore Lake Lucerne. If you love hiking then you can take your chances to climb mountain Pilatus in the neighborhood. Lucerne city is greatly beautified by nice looking towers and bridges made of wood to ease movement. The town has been known to host great music concerts and even musicians compose songs from there.

4.    Lake Geneva

The popular Lake Geneva is one of the biggest lakes of the Alpine. Geneva city being its host was named after the lake. The city is also one the oldest town with beautiful gardens and parks surrounding it. Lake Geneva is a popular landmark with waters shooting in the sky to a height of one hundred and fifty meters. Furthermore, the city has several traditional attractions which include Grand theatre and the opera house.

5.    Zernez

Zernes happens to be the only national park in Switzerland. The park features the countries’ untouched sceneries that form part of its heritage. These include the woodlands, glaciers covered with snow, pastures, and waterfalls. In addition, the park has numerous routes for hiking as you experience the incredible nature of Switzerland. The park is easy to access from three different points i.e. Scuol, Zernez, and S-chanf.


Take advantage of these great Switzerland holiday destinations and have fun. Arm yourself with best travel sling bag and simply step out to experience the beautiful world ahead.




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