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6 Best Places to Hike in the World

Hiking is considered to be a worldwide adventure. There exist many in this world who are fond of this fun-filled activity. The voyagers love to hike through the epic mountains for weeks or maybe more. Those who are out of shape and want some serious tip can opt for some vigorous hiking rather than form sitting in-house away from trails.

Hiking is one of the best treats for you where you can explore the surroundings and the natural beauty. If you are fond of photography, then also this activity is best suited for you. Now, this world is too big to set your travel targets while hiking, so people usually choose best places to hike in the World in order to make their experiences everlasting. You can put these 6 places on your bucket list:
Best Places to Hike in the World

1. Location- Inca Trail, Peru

Total Distance- 26 Miles

Estimated Time- 4 Days

Best Visit Time- May to September

This is the most popular and beautiful hiking spot in the world. It takes you through tough inclines and declines. Here one can explore jungles, ruins, mountains and scenes. This hike ends at Machu Picchu.

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2. Location- Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

Total Distance- 37-50 Miles

Estimated Time- 4-6 Days

Best Visit Time- October to April

This place is in shape of W and it takes you to spectacular national park. You would find here glaciers, peaks and serene lakes. Photographers could click beautiful pictures here as the surrounding is amazing and picturesque.

3. Location- Appalachian Trail, Georgia to Maine, United States

Total Distance- 2,180 Miles

Estimated Time- 5-7 months

Best Visit Time- Year Round

This is marked as the longest hiking trail in the world, yet it is beautiful. You would cross 14 states in this trek and with proper planning and direction, it could prove to be your best experience ever. With or without family/ friends, you can enjoy each and every moment on this hike.

4. Location- Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Total Distance- 35 Miles (Estimated)

Estimated Time- 7 Days or more

Best Visit Time- January, February or September

This is the highest peak in Africa at 19, 340 feet and is on many people’s bucket list. The climbing routes are wide enough and this makes people choose a traveler guide. The view that the voyager gets to see above the clouds is spectacular.

5. Location- Kungsleden, Sweden

Total Distance- 65 Miles

Estimated Time- 3-5 Days

Best Visit Time- August to early September

Hiking is going to be the best experience if done at Kungsleden in Sweden. It is also known as “The King’s Trail. There you would find amazing landscapes with comparatively shorter miles. Sweden’s highest peak envisages beautiful Arctic landscapes, open tundra and giant glaciers.


6. Location- Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

Total Distance- 70 Miles

Estimated Time- 16 Days

Best Visit Time- March to May & September to November

This is a place where you would get to see the elevated people and their culture. Seeing such beautiful things at the highest point on earth is in its own a beautiful feeling. The experience of trekking at such places are more valued and treasured.

Above shared places are just a few among the rest of the best hiking trails in the World. Hiking at such places happens to be adventurous and thrilling, so, one should participate in such fun-filled experience at least once in a lifetime.



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