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Exploring the List of Highest Mountains of the World

The travel freaks, the Mountaineers and the people who love to go by find their ways. People who are adventurous by nature and want to explore have a different approach towards life. They are not fearful, not afraid of challenges and have that insurmountable courage to go beyond their limits. In this Blog, we will explore the list of Highest and beautiful mountains of the world.

Beautiful Mountains in The World

The wanderers not only love to wander different places but also want to visit, see and explore the various different mountains of the world. It gives them immense pleasure to know about such places and then the life and living there.

Mountains have a charm of their own, each telling a different story. The beauty of each cannot be expressed in words but have to experience and felt.

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Some of the most Highest Mountains in the world are:

Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Italy

Also known as the Drei Zinnen, are three distinctive battlement-like peaks. The three-peaked beauty in the Italian Alps looks like it just comes out of the ground and has a beauty of its own and are best known mountain groups.

Kirkjufell in Iceland

Kirkjufell is located on the north coast of the peninsula in a fishing village. Despite an elevation of only 1,500 feet, it’s one of the country’s most iconic and photographed mountains. Beautiful to look at and has that picturesque charm.

Ama Dablam, Eastern Nepal

The name means- Mother’s necklace, this peak in eastern Nepal is often referred to as the “Matterhorn of the Himalayas”. Amazingly beautiful and has a charm of its own.

Table Mountain in South Africa

It is one of the world’s most recognizable peaks, the flat-topped Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town. This can be reached via cable car or a good old-fashioned hike. Try your luck and enjoy the beauty of it.

Half Dome California:

Known for its distinct shape, this monolith of granite overlooking Yosemite Valley rises nearly 8,800 feet above sea level. It is accessed via a manicured 14-16mi walkway that delivers folks right to the base of the dome.

Denali in Alaska:

The highest mountain peak in North America dominates the Alaskan skyline. It has a majestic beauty of its own. It is dramatically beautiful and is a must visit place.

Mount Eiger, Switzerland:

This mountain is 3,967 meter high and is very beautiful. Its straight rock face is very difficult to scale, and many climbers got died in the climbing attempt. It was first climbed from the north side in 1938 by Anderl Heckmar.


The Spectre, Antarctica:

It is a prominent rock spire which is around 2000 meter (6,630 ft) high, located near the centre of Organ Pipe Peaks in Queen Maud Mountains of Antarctica. It was first discovered by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition geological party under Quin Blackburn in 1934 (December).

Alpamayo in Peru:

Also called as Shuyturaju is one of the most clearly visible Mount Peaks in the Cordillera Blanca of the Peruvian Andes. In July 1966, an American photographer ‘Leigh Ortenburger’ took the first photo of this Huge Mountain which was published by the German magazine “Alpinismus”.

The list of Beautiful Mountains of the World mentioned above is not even sufficient or complete, it is just a glimpse of what you can just know about the charm of reaching to the top of mountains and experiencing an entirely different experience.

The list is endless and a through insight or surfing can help you greatly with it.




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