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Traveling is food to the soul.  Visiting places and exploring them widens your horizon. Traveling places creates memories too. Capture your precious moments to be enjoyed later.

Travel for many has been an all-consuming passion, their first love. Their whole life’s gears towards travel.  Out of the many reasons for traveling, many do it to find themselves. Breaking monotony is also another important reason.

People spend their whole life in search of the unknown but once having new experiences through traveling, they find themselves to be better people. Travelling, exploring, knowing surely makes a difference as your horizon widens making you a better soul.

So travel for fun, to explore and to know this world. come out of your cocoon and see the beauty of the world.

Whoistraveling is all about journeys of various people and their experiences. Their sharing their ideas and giving an insight is what is all about.


We are a team of 6 enthusiastic geek who have been working really hard to provide the best information on Travelling stuff. Our information on travelling is keenly focused towards;

  • Travelling Destinations Around The Globe
  • Hotel Bookings Discount & Offers
  • Travel Bookings Coupon

We are associated with bigger travelling brands in order to provide you the best offers and discounts on daily basis.

These are the brands to which we are associated with in order to provide you the latest deals on travelling packages around the globe.

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